Fast-Track Online NCLEX Coaching

The 12-week fast-track review course focuses on the essential concepts that are commonly asked in the actual NCLEX. This program emphasizes Test-taking Strategies, Analysis and Critical Thinking and exam drills designed to master Select-All-That-Apply (SATA), Prioritization, and Delegation questions, Drag and Drop, Exhibit/Graphic, and more.

  • Cycle

    3 Cycles Per Year

  • Session

    12 Weekly Sessions
    [1 Cycle]

  • Schedule

    Weekends Only

  • Duration

    4-Hours Per Session

Course Inclusion

150-Hours Online Live Class via GoogleMeet

16 Comprehensive & NCLEX Predictor Exams

10,000+ High-impact NCLEX QBanks - NCSBN NGN Ready!

Interactive Live Class and E-Learning Activities (with Uworld Drills)

Challenging Questions with In-depth Explanation

1-on-1 Coaching with Lead Trainer

Full Categories Covered per NCSBN Test Plan

Diverse Local and Foreign Students (US, Australia, Canada, UAE, Asia)

Performance and Improvement Tracking with Full Score Report

OPEN ENROLLMENT - Start anytime even without ETT/ATT

1 Year UNLIMITED Review… Until You Pass!

100% Guaranteed NCLEX-RN Examination Passing! Fast, Effective and Cost-Efficient Online NCLEX Coaching.
Enjoy the 3-cycle course for the price of one with easy payment terms.

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Nurse Abel

Nurse Abel

The Trainer

Abel is a Master’s-prepared PH Registered Nurse Midwife and a US Registered Nurse (Texas and New York). He’s a double board-certified Dialysis Nurse (CDN) and Nephrology Nurse (CNN) with over 16 years of diversified nursing experience in Clinical and Public Health, Diabetes Education, Dialysis and Nephrology Care, Case Management and Utilization Review, Pharmacovigilance, and NCLEX-RN Training and Development.

At present, he’s Charge Nephrology RN in New York and his passion for learning and teaching never stop as he provides NCLEX (NGN) mentorship for local/foreign students on the weekends.

“Each learner has different learning style and needs, and understanding your strengths and opportunities makes this program unique. I deliver tailor-fit NCLEX training for you to achieve your US/AU/CA dream. I just love helping Nurses pass the NCLEX exam because it makes my heart sing when someone received their PASS result.”

Success Stories

I particularly appreciated the comprehensive curriculum you offered. The study materials provided were well-organized, up-to-date, and highly relevant to the exam. The practice questions and mock tests were challenging and accurately reflected the format and content of the exam. By diligently working through these resources, I was able to strengthen my knowledge base, improve my critical thinking skills, and build confidence in my abilities.

Furthermore, your commitment to our success was evident through your continuous assessment and feedback. Regular progress checks and diagnostic exams played a crucial role in identifying my strengths and areas for improvement. You have provided constructive feedback and tailored study plans to address my weaknesses, enabling me to make targeted improvements and maximize my potential.

Kiko, Philippines

It was a challenging experience for someone like me who graduated from nursing school more than 20 years ago. I knew I needed to double the effort to recall the simplest concepts. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to be mentored by Abel at the early part of my journey which helped laid down the foundation of my goal to pass the NCLEX.
I am truly thankful to everyone who had shared their knowledge and strategies in passing the exam. Most of all, I give all glory & honor to God for the success of this journey.

Chona, Philippines

It wasn’t an easy journey, indeed. A full-time employee in a Pioneer account while reviewing for the exam was exhausting. 15 years of knowledge gap from nursing but Mr. Abel was able to encourage and made it easy for me to grasp and understand how to pass NCLEX, motivated me that I can do it. I almost lost confidence due to failing scores during the review. However, I utilize those failures and learn from it to get back into path of greatness. It is very important to trust the process, perseverance and have determination. Opened my heart in God’s abundance and I was able to make it at my first attempt.

Michael, Philippines

Thanks be to God for this wonderful blessing. Words are not enough to express my sincerest gratitude to you, Sir Abel, for believing and supporting me throughout my journey to pass NCLEX. I am a full-time employee and reviewing for the exam was a challenging experience, but definitely a rewarding one. I pray that you continue sharing your knowledge with other nurses who aspire to be USRN.

Thank you and to God be the glory!

Diana, Philippines

Thank you Abel for believing in me and for helping me prepare for NCLEX-RN. From reviewing the core concepts, to taking practice tests, and 1×1 coaching.

It was an overwhelming experience. The entire process humbled me. Remember to keep calm, stay focus, and trust God’s perfect timing.

Esy, Philippines

It wasn’t easy with all the bumps, turns and hurdles esp emotionally. But I always think of this verse. And true enough I was able to take and pass my NCLEX-RN. I am humbled beyond words. With gratitude to all my family, my sons, friends, relatives and my review coach and people who helped and supported me along the way. But above all, thank you LORD GOD THE FATHER for this blessing. I humbly pray YOU guide me in my professional career.

Tricia, Philippines

Success is not an easy award for me, it took me lots of effort and right measures to reach my goal. It is indeed a tough one considering i graduated 14 years ago plus i am a full time employee. I did encounter obstacles on difficulty focusing on review for i need to complete my work deliverables at the same time. But when God says it is time, he will surely make it happen and i am so thankful for Him hearing my hearts desire.
Thank you to my first ever Mentor Abel for igniting the Nightingale within me and making me realize that it is never too late if we do have the passion. Continue inspiring others for you are truly appreciated for touching one’s heart.

Myrla, Philippines

I would like to thank you because it paved the way for me to pass the NCLEX. Honestly, at first I was hesitant if I could do it, but it helped me realize that I can. I believe that they didn’t just train me, but they forged me to where I am today. Thank you for encouraging me to review and to Sir Abel Elpedes who believed in my ability and pushed me even when I wanted to give up because he saw something in me that was hardworking so he gave me a chance to stay, and eventually, he saw some shine in me and that’s when I became even more motivated. I am also thankful to my colleagues in the “Pilot batch” made by sir Abel. Thank you very much and God bless, more power!

Joey, Philippines

Thank you, Lord, I passed the NCLEX-RN. I experienced a lot of struggles, shed many tears, become hopeless, and doubted myself many times. Indeed, studying while working and having a toddler that needs your attention is a challenge. It’s been a long journey but I am grateful that You never left me.

Special thanks to Abel who taught us the contents that we need to know. Thanks also for continuously motivating and reminding us to “Trust the process”. You’ve been one of the instruments of my success.

Cess, Philippines

I passed the NCLEX-RN! I am now USRN! God is good all the time! Guys, you can do this! Just study well the concepts. Pray always. Open your heart to God’s blessings. Thank you sir Abel Elpedes. May God bless us all!

Mark, Philippines

3 P’s – Patience, Persistency and Perseverance makes an unbeatable combination of success.

Thank you and Sir Abel for always keeping in touch and reminding me about the task at hand. We just need to trust the process. Thank you for helping me achieve the desire of my heart. GOD BLESS

Nick, Texas

Thank you to Sir Abel for not giving up on me and to Ms. Precious for always encouraging me. To my batch mates who became my friends. Lastly, to our Lord for giving me strength to get back on my feet and try again. This has been a very long journey for me but I did it because of continuous support, encouragement and motivation from my coaches.

Jonna, Philippines

Thank you for your continuous perseverance, motivation and praying. I was able to achieve my goal to be a USRN. Please continue to inspire more who wants to pursue their dream to be one.

Joyce, Philippines

I may have experienced lots of delays in all the processing, may have shed tears, may have lost patience and endurance during the practice exams, but God never left me. He taught me to patiently wait for my right time and to trust His process. Special thanks to the NCLEX Academy team, especially to Mr. Abel, for patiently teaching and guiding me throughout my journey. He has so much knowledge to share and is such a God-fearing man. May God continue to bless you and your team with more blessings that you deserve.

Shiela, Philippines

Determination, focus and prayer helped me to achieve my dream of becoming a USRN. I joined the review class for 3 consecutive weeks and I am thankful for doing it because his way of coaching builds my confidence and I was able to pass 75 items of the exam. I know God has the reason for everything and God has a reason for meeting people to help you succeed. Identify those people and resources that will help you to become a successful US-RN. Many thanks to Abel for helping us dreamers to achieve it!

Janice, New York

One thing is for sure, NCLEX is indeed tough and unexpected but with the help of Sir Abel and the rest. I was able to conquer and make it. Always believed in the process. Repetition and Mastery is the key to success.

To God be the glory! This is not possible without the help of our Almighty God and all the people who believed in me.

Julius, Philippines

God has given me an opportunity to try something out of my comfort zone. From a rusty PHRN, God used Sir Abel to impart his expertise and knowledge for me to be able to conquer and passed the NCLEX. I am very much grateful for all of his guidance, mentoring and endurance training.

Review process was not an easy journey. There were times I thought this is not for me and felt demotivated as i struggled big time. I banked on what sir Abel often says “trust the process” and i can say this keeps me forward.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” and this never fails me as I again experienced God’s amazing grace.

We may doubt our own strengths but never doubt that God is always with us in all of our undertakings.

Anais, Philippines

Fall seven times, stand up eight. Never give up hope and to always strive for more. Sir Abel told us that never doubt ourselves and believe that the lord will always guide what better plans to store in our future. Sinubukan ko ulit at hindi madali pinagdaanan namin sobrang daming exams, minsan nga nakaka overwhealm na, but worth it naman kasi nagbunga lahat ng pinaghirapan namin. Thank you Sir Abel for believing in me and to my family na hindi bumitaw at patuloy na niniwala sa akin and si God na hindi ako iniwan sa laban na to.

“When the time is right I, the Lord will make it Happen.” – Isaiah 60:22

David, Philippines

It started with a Dream and decided to go beyond with a leap of faith to get into where I am now. Yes, I doubted myself million times before starting my NCLEX journey because of my hiatus from Nursing 10 years ago after I graduated. With the help of Abel and his program, I was able to get back my confidence. He made sure to provide us with the foundations, mastery of the concept, and most importantly the techniques that we needed to ACE the exam. Thank you for always believing in me, and that I can make it. And I know that you will help more students to reach their USRN dream.

Toni, Philippines

Who would have thought that even after 16 years I would be going back to mastering Nursing theories? But even so, Trainer Abel delivered the topic in a way we could comprehend easily, and taught us the techniques and strategies to go over the different types of questions and had fun learning it. He also Boosts our morale with his inspirational messages which helped us to focus on our USRN goals and Pass the exam on our first attempt! Thank you so much, Abel! You are indeed a blessing to aspiring USRNs.

Omar, Philippines

Reviewing for NCLEX has never been an easy ride for me as I wasn’t able to practice the nursing profession after I graduated last 2014. But with Abel’s passion and dedication in teaching, multiple words of encouragement, continuous coaching, and incomparable wisdom, learning becomes enjoyable and quite easy. And ultimately, we were able to reach our goal – passing the NCLEX. Thank you Abel!

Ivan, Philippines

The review program facilitated by Abel really helped me with preparing for my examination. Though I graduated in 2009 and without any clinical experience, I was able to develop self-confidence in answering the questions because of the test-taking strategies Abel taught us. Thank you so much Abel!

Jarid, Philippines

I took the NCLEX exam with ZERO confidence and 14 years of nursing experience gap. God is amazing because he used Abel to prepare us. His desire to help students pass the exam is inspiring. Abel lay down the foundations, the test-taking strategies, the test plan and more importantly, uplift our spiritual resilience. Passing the NCLEX would be half the chance without his guidance. Today, I passed the NCLEX exam at my first attempt! I am humbled and forever grateful!

Shine, Philippines

Thank you Abel for being one of the instruments to my success in passing the NCLEX at first attempt! Your guidance with our 1-on-1 coaching sessions and Predictor exams really made an impact on me to focus on the most important subjects. Thank you for encouraging all of us and I believe that you will help more people in achieving their dreams. God bless and more power po!

Marian, Philippines

With all your guidance, support and prayers, I have cleared my exam in first attempt. Thank you so much! Feeling so relaxed and extremely happy. May God fulfill all your dreams and give you the extreme happiness and success in your life, which you really deserves!

Rita, India

Thank you so much Abel, thanks to your very competent teaching. I couldn’t have it done it without it. I was able to pass my exam in first attempt even I have 20 years gap of nursing experience. I am very happy and relieved!

Dorotee, Germany

Sir Abel!!! Salamat po! You are part of this journey and success! You pushed us to our maximum capacity! Now I understand why. Please continue to inspire more people sir! Godbless!

Gino, Philippines

I have been encouraged and guided right from the beginning by the Trainer, Abel. With his guidance and support, I was able to crack my NCLEX exam in first attempt. I would like to thank the entire team for their support.

Sandy, Nepal

I cleared my exam in first attempt with 75 questions. Thank you soooooo much sir for your trust and continuous push. It was impossible without you thank you from the core of my heart.

Gurpreet, India

Sir I stopped at 235. Thanks for everything sir! I did my best and you are right, I am now on my way to what’s God plan for me. Grabe ang dali ng exam (hahahaha joke). Pero sir light lang talaga. Ang ganda ng binigay na journey ni Lord sakin sa NCLEX ko.

Mary, Philippines

Hello Abel, I passed my NCLEX-RN exam. Just got my result today. Thank you for your guidance and support throughout my journey! Thank you so much!

Chai, India

Hello Abel, I passed my NCLEX-RN exam and this is all because of you. Your Predictor was like a God for me. You told me that you are below in metal health and I focused on mental health and I got 25 questions on mental health. Thank yo so much!

Kira, India

Hi Sir Abel, Praise God po and salamat din po sa inyo for being our trainer. Nakapasa po ako sa NCLEX. God bless po and continue to bless more people.

Monica, Philippines

Thank you Abel for encouraging me, I passed the exam. I can take a long breathe now.

Rama, India

Hi sir! Just want to say thank you po sa wisdom na na-ishare nyo po s akin. Pasado na po ako sa NCLEX.

Flor, Philippines

Hello Sir Abel, I passed the exam. I though I will not make it because the level of difficulty was increasing and I am not sure if I get it correctly. Thank you so much!

Deepa, India

I would like to express my huge thank you for all your help during the review. I’ve taken my NCLEX last Nov 17th and I just received my results yesterday and I passed. I cried after kasi ang hirap sobra. Thank you so much Abel for your patience and advices and for helping us understand the concepts easily.

Pam, Philippines

Thank you sir so much! USRN na ko. Honestly nahihiya ako kasi ambababa ng grades ko. Pero sa lahat po tlga ng trainers, sa inyo po ko super thankful kasi sobra nyong hands-on sa amin, lalo na sa akin, hindi lang sa exam kahit sa mga technical problems and other things. Ikaw lang feeling ko sa lahat ng instructors na naniwala ng solid sakin na kaya kong ipasa yung exam even with constant failures.

Rina, Philippines

Sir, sobrang na-encourage ako after ng one-on-one coaching kasi sabi mo sakin don’t let your predictor predict your result. 42 lng kc po ko s predictor. After po nun I doubled time reviewing and followed your advice to focus on my weaknesses, and finish uworld. Above all I ask guidance to the Lord. True enough, He is a gracious Father. Thankssss sir Godbless you more, I pray marami pa po kayong life na ma-touch.

Aria, Philippines

Thank You Sir. Thanks for everything po. God bless your good heart. I am crying, I passed the exam!

Tina, Philippines

Thank you Sir Abel for the guidance, encouragement and most especially finding strength in the Words of God! Thank You!

Cris, Philippines

Thanks Sir Abel, you are the best!

Pau, Philippines

Sir thank you for your motivation and inspirational talks. I passed the exam!

Nica, Philippines

Thanks Sir Abel for everything. All the sacrifices and effort of our batchmates and the lecture, finally pays off!

VJ, Philippines

Thank you Sir Abel and to all our Trainers for being patient and dedicated to help us learn the concepts.

Raiza, Philippines

Thank you Sir Abel. Finally, I am a USRN!

Viork, Philippines

Thank you Sir Abel for not giving up on me!

Ivy, Philippines

I passed the exam Sir! Thank you so much for help and motivation.

Rupinder, India

Thank you Sir Abel for always giving me a true feedback and an opportunity to work on my weaknesses.

Amandeep, India

Hi Abel, thank you so much for your guidance. I passed my exam. A big thank you!

Simerjeet, India

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